Author: CPK Automotive


We are travelling a lot to meet all important authorities and companys which are interested in our products to reduce exhaust emissions for a cleaner future/healthy environment.

Today we had a great meeting with in shenzhen showing the good results in Langfeng last week.

When I am back in October we will follow up and talk about our further cooperation.



Day 2: Langfang

Today we had a great meeting with our cooperation partner and authorities in Langfang. We did the wiring of our monitoring devices in order to coach the local test installations 🙂

The representatives were very satisfied of CPK’s support and offered a great dinner afterwards *. *…. Still I have this chopstick handling problem by the way, trying to improve here 🙂

Greetings from langfang!


Day 1 in Shanghai

Arrival day in shanghai!  Crazy huge and adorable city. Just preparing for the customer visit tomorrow with my sales colleague Mr. Zhang!

By the way, my bad skills on chopsticks could be a reason for customers not to purchase our  CPK products 😉